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The deliverables of Project Results (1) were: 1.1 A document analysing the problem area of bridging the job and educational markets, especially in relevance with the issues that face underprivileged young people. It identified a solution area including use cases, technologies to be utilised and standards to be exploited and even enhanced. Available and relevant to semantic web technologies open source tools were carefully investigated.

1.2 A manuscript documenting the investigation on mockup/prototypical solutions based on available open-source tools was produced. The team tested most of the solutions in order
to decide technologies to be used in other tasks. The team produced mock-up demos. These will be used for dissemination purposes and will be presented in workshops and conferences. This document will be refined continuously every 3 months.

1.3 A scientific paper that was presented at 26th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics (PCI 2022). The study of the above objectives was completed, and the produced material was submitted to the platform of the Erasmus+ Programme.
Result Participating Organisations:
– Regional center for vocational training and education to CCIBlagoevgrad